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The Omosèfe Kimono


 Dress for ladies, can be dressed down for any day or dressed up for parties and elegant events.

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 Available in One Size Fits All Purposed Kimono for all Occasions. 





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My initial reaction speaks for itself lol. Definitely one of my favorite pieces. As soon as I got home after purchasing it, I was eager to try it on again. I am very excited. 



I got a bag which is definitely one of my favorite items now. One of a kind, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I can’t wait to shop more! 


CEO FletchFirm/ Publicist

It is more of when I wore it, what people said. It is unique and the quality of the stitching had me getting compliments and I was comfortable. Who doesn’t want to get compliments on their fit? 


Sales & Marketing Rep., Biogen Pharmaceuticals

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