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About Me

Abies Closet is founded by Dr. Andrea Abieyuwa Idusuyi, Pharm.D. The foundation of Abies Closet is to stay rooted in who you are, where you are from and where you can go. Abies Closet embodies self-expression and most importantly self love. 

Birthed from Christ, the idea of Abies' Closet came fourth after struggling with my self identity of who I was. I did not love who I was or where I was from. I was ashamed to be a young Nigerian woman, or to be called by my middle name.

As a Nigerian-American woman, I rarely wanted to tie head scarf at parties or wear my native attire. I was brain washed and had a mindset of who I thought I wanted to be, watered down by American culture and European identity for fear the world would not love or accept me because of Nigerian roots. 

As the Lord delivered me to become in love with Him, I learned to love myself and who I was in every manner especially my culture and tradition. I wanted to wear my native culture attire everywhere and wanted to have access to this attire much more feasibly that it was available.

With a dream in mind, God turned His vision into this creation! A fashionable platform rooted in the motherland created, AbiesCloset attire and designs are exclusive styles for exqusitie people. Get the ABies Closet experience. 

Don’t you want to be one of a kind?
Made in Nigeria! These styles will allow you to stay rooted and in love with who you are, and how you express yourself!